Getting to Bridport

Bridport can be reached 4 different ways from Launceston, northern Tasmania's largest city (population 80 000). All routes take in around 1 hour of Tasmania's attractive scenery. Tasmania in general, and North-East Tasmania in particular is well recognised for the excellent condition of its roads.

bridport-laun mapIf driving to Bridport from Launceston, please print out these driving instructions, and a map will be helpful too.

The most popular and quickest routes to Bridport are via Lilydale and Pipers Brook, or through Karoola and Pipers River. Both routes take about 1hour from the city (70minutes from the airport) and travel through scenic countryside as well as past several of Tasmania's famous vineyards.

To take either of these routes stay on the highway from the airport all the way through the city, and when you are past the city and along the banks of the Tamar River, take the turn right signposted 'Lilydale' follow this road for 5minutes until you take another right turn also signposted 'B81 Lilydale'. This will get you on the B81 towards Lilydale.

Those wishing to come via Karoola and Pipers River, 5minutes after getting on the B81, turn left where signposted to get on the B83. After approx. 20mins you reach a 'T' junction and turn right where Bridport is signposted on the B82.

Those wishing to come through Lilydale and Pipers Brook should stay on the B81 for approx. 30mins until after they have passed through Lebrina, when they'll take a signposted turn left to Pipers Brook. This will take you to the B82 'T' junction, where a right turn to Bridport is signposted. Follow this road until you reach a 'T' Junction and turn left towards Bridport.  At the next junction, Bridport is signposted to the left. If you stay on this road all the way through Bridport, you will go up and over the Bridport Hill and come down towards Port Hills, which you'll see on the left (of Sandy Points Road).

Travelling from Launceston via Scottsdale takes about 80minutes and is also very scenic, although it can be a challenging drive with many hairpin bends. We don't recommend this route on wet days. To travel via Scottsdale take the signposted right turn onto the A3 when you reach Launceston city centre and follow this road for 5minutes until you'll see a signposted left turn onto the A3. This will take you all the way to Scottsdale where you'll reach a junction in the town centre, with a left-turn signposted to Bridport.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to travel to Bridport from the Spirit of Tasmania?

It takes 1hr to travel from Devonport to Launceston on Highway 1 (allow some time to disembark from the ferry depending on where your car is parked- the difference between 1st and last off is often over 1hour) and then approx. 1hour from Launceston to Bridport depending on the route selected (see Getting to Bridport).

A quicker, more direct route from Devonport to Bridport (100minutes) is via Frankford and Exeter on the B71, crossing over the Tamar River at the Batman Bridge and then up towards George Town and take the signposted right turn to Bridport on the B82. Please see your map.


To drive direct from Hobart city to Bridport is approximately 3hours. Allow 3.5hours with a short break on the way in any of the charming historic villages such as Oatlands, Ross, Campbelltown or in Launceston.

The East Coast?

Stay on the A3 to Scottsdale and it will become the B84 through to Bridport. Allow 3hours from Coles Bay (Freycinet National Park) 2hours from Bicheno and 1.5hours from St.Helens. If you have time, allow a 1hour break at Pyenghana to do the 25minute return St.Columba Falls walk and call in at the Pyenghana Cheese Factory.

What is the weather going to be like?

For latest weather updates please see and type in 7260 or Bridport into the search box.

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